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Relaxation Techniques for Better Learning

Continuing from part I, here are some relaxation techniques provided by that will help to relieve your student’s anxiety and concentrate better during tests, exams or even tutoring sessions.

Visualization: Ask him to close his eyes and imagine that he is in a tranquil peaceful place of his choosing, such as a warm sandy beach or on top of a mountain. Meditation: Close your eyes and concentrate on your ‘third eye’ – the spot in the middle of your forehead. Although you may let your thoughts wander briefly, always return to your mantra and continue to breathe deeply and slowly. Do this for a minute so until you feel relaxed. Body Scan: Close your eyes and concentrate on deep breathing. Then focus on your right foot and be aware of any sensations in that area, while also continuing to focus on your breathing. Then repeat this process while moving up your body, from your ankle to your knees, to your hips etc. Once you get to the top of your body, take a few breaths and then slowly open your eyes. These techniques require practice. Assign a few minutes of each tutorial to them and assign them as homework.

Ways to Lose a Customer:

1. Lose contact: For many types businesses including homework answers free tutoring, you should keep in touch with customers, even if they are not currently active. If the customers are currently active, you should try to touch base at least once per month, via telephone or email. Once they have become non-active, you should still try to touch base with them several times per year, perhaps through a quarterly newsletter. If you stay top-of-mind with your customers, then they may think of you next time they are in need of your product or service.

2. Don’t give up on a customer: I have customers who phoned and emailed questions to me at least a dozen times over several years without purchasing anything, but I stuck at it and eventually they became my customer. My philosophy is to never give up on a customer unless they give me a good reason to, and this has paid off again and again. ‘Never Give Up’ should be your entrepreneurial mantra.

3. Don’t return a phone call/message: As I have said before, you should try to answer your phone calls live rather than letting them go to voicemail. However if someone does leave a message, make sure you answer it, if not right away, then at least within an hour or two of receipt. I wish I had a dollar for every message I have left with various business that have never been returned – I can guarantee that they never got any business from me after that!

4. Don’t fulfill a promise: Nothing will lose a customer faster than an undelivered promise or commitment. It is always better to under-promise and over-deliver than to commit to something you may not be able to deliver, like an A+ in math for a failing student. If you do end up promising something, then write it down so you don’t forget!

5. When it’s okay to lose a customer: Occasionally you may find it necessary to intentionally lose a customer. If a customer is being intentionally rude or abusive, or if you don’t feel comfortable asking any of your tutors to spend time with them, then by all means give them their money back and walk away. You should feel more than okay with this decision because it’s right for you, your employees and your law help tutoring company.

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