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Some old Cases of Humanoid Paracreatures in Greece

* At the end of 19th century, a humanoid described as “furry, from head to toes” was seen by Mr Panayis Carantzos in a cave near the village of Piana (Mantineia, Arcadia, Central Peloponnese). Source: Nikolaos Politis, Traditions (Athens 1904), Vol I, p. 314, tradition no 561

* Around 1870, near Levidi (Arcadia, central Peloponnes), a Mr Zacharias saw a thing he described as “blood red hound” in his mandri. He chased it throwing stones. The thing turned into a red flame and started lifting in the sky. The flame flew into a nearby sinkhole emitting a hum which shook the landscape. At the same time, an incredible stench flooded the area. Source: Nikolaos Politis, Traditions (Athens 1904), Vol I, p. 321, tradition no 572

* At the villages Davia and Zaracova (Maenalon mnt) of Arcadia (Peloponnese) and at other nearby villages, the ‘khamodraki’ demon appears as a “blood red goat” with fiery eyes and nails instead of hooves. Source: Nikolaos Politis, Traditions (Athens 1904) Vol I, pp. 321-22, tradition no 573

* At Alonistaina village (Arcadia, Peloponnese) the same demon appears as a hairy dwarf emitting high pitched screams like a baby crying. Source: Nikolaos Politis, Traditions (Athens 1904) Vol I, p. 322, tradition no 574

* In 1875 a dwarf, half a meter high with long hair and sharp teeth was seen by two witnesses somewhere between Sparta and Tripolis (Peloponnese). At first their attention was attracted by a sound described as ‘small child screaming’ Source: Nikolaos Politis, Traditions (Athens 1904) Vol. I, p 323, tradition no 576

* Sometime before 1892 Mr Lambros Pafilias was going to the Calderimi area at the village of Perthori (Tripolis) when he saw a “red dwarf’ with eyes “like that of a cat”. Expectedly, he started running away. The dwarf chased the man and when it reached him, climbed upon him and clung there for some time. Then it vanished. The witness was left with a blister full of pus on his chin which remained for a long time after. (A 1892 report by A. Arvanitopoulos, correspondent of Nikolaos Politis. Source: Politis, Traditions (Athens 1904) Vol. I, pp 322-323, tradition no 575)

* This is a description by the shepherd Takis Paravandis (70 year old in 1979 when he related his experience) from Achladocambos (Peloponnese). “I have seen the smerdaki with my very eyes, at our fold… I was with Brimoyorgis. It was evening. It was like a short man with a large head. Suddenly we heard a loud bang and this fairy vanished into thin air. The gate of our fold was shattered into pieces”. Source: Ioannis Anagnostopoulos, Folklore of Achladocambos, Athens, 1985, p. 152

* Again in Achladocambos, the shepherd Mr Thodoris Yerulis was at the Skieika Mantria (folds) [unknown date, maybe early-mid 20th century]. One morning he woke up very early and went to untie his horses. Suddenly a small humanoid appeared in front of him. It had blond hair and glittering eyes. It was holding and waving something like a wand or a candle. He saw it coming out of a lime pit. The humanoid passed by and went inside the goat fold. After that the animals started dying one after the other and from the 150 goats of the herd, only 78 were left. Source: Ioannis Anagnostopoulos, Folklore of Achladocambos, Athens, 1985, p. 153

* January –unknown year, probably late 19th century, island of Crete. Mr Christophoros Rodousakis was out to hunt birds. The sun had not risen yet when in the light of his torch saw a hairy humanoid 1.5 m high with long horns, which he described as “devil”. The humanoid attacked him and they started wrestling. Rosoussakis hit repeatedly the creature’s head with a stone but in vain. After the appearance of two other creatures described by him as “Saint Anthony” and “a woman in black” the ‘devil’ seemed to lose interest and run away ‘emitting sparks’. Source: Georgios Ekaterinidis, Folk Traditions from the Regions of Seteia and Merambello, 1964, p. 11

* Sometime after the Second World War - Doxario village, Evoia. An army major along with several men went rabit hunting at night out in the wild country towards the old acropolis. They were in the army jeep and it was about midnight. Suddenly in front of the highlights they saw about twenty yards ahead of them a half man, that is the top half of a man, the bottom, shaggy like a furry animal, but hard to see, dancing and prancing. He kept dancing in front of the car. The major levelled his rifle to shoot but was so afraid he couldn't hold his weapon. They turned the jeep around and drove back to Doxario as fast as they could. Source: The Dangerous Hour: The Lore of Mystery and Crisis in Rural Greece, R & E. Blum, 1970, p. 98.

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